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Calibration Check

Dipsticks do not need regular recalibration.

View the Dipstick Repeatability video on the Home Page of to see the performance of six different Dipsticks -- up to nine years old -- that had never been recalibrated.

But, upon request, we will recalibrate your Dipstick and test its precision and accuracy. You will receive the test data when we return the Dipstick to you.

Click Learn More to see how to check the calibration yourself.

You can easily CHECK the calibration of your Dipstick yourself. This process is described in the Dipstick Operator's Manual in the last appendix called "Test Track." You can determine for yourself whether the Dipstick is calibrated or not and save the cost of shipping and recalibration. But if you want us to do it, or if your calibration check indicates a problem, we can recalibrate the Dipstick for you. This price covers labor of recalibrating and testing only, and assumes that no major parts or components need to be replaced. If there are damaged parts that need to be repaired or replaced, we will notify you of the additional cost.

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