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Upgrade Floor Dipstick 2272 to Model 2277 (KIT)

Upgrade your old, working Dipstick 2272 Floor Profiler to the new 2277, with the brightest screen, easy to read outdoors even in sunlight!

If you already have a working Dipstick 2272, you can upgrade it yourself using our simple Upgrade Kit. We send you the parts, and you swap them out with the old parts. If you order early in the day, we can normally ship the same day!

This "Kit" method saves on shipping cost and is the fastest way to get upgraded. You never need to stop measuring!

Foot Spacing

You'll get a new 2277 computer, a new computer bracket, (turntable) a new Handle Mount (the part with the beeper in it) with a new LED Voltmeter to read the voltage in the Handle Battery.

You will also get a new manual and a new software CD.

This kit is the easy, fast way to convert your Dipstick to a 2277, plus it keeps your Dipstick at home.

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